Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bad IP addresses to avoid spending to

IP addresses to avoid spending to

All of these have either stopped paying, been problematic or have just
started up again! Remember that from personal experience, NEVER spend
to any program that begins with the first 3 numbers of the IP address.

...And never trust a .ru hosted website either! ( No disrespect )

Please remember that this is just a Tool to help you decide whether to invest ...or all means go ahead and try investing in an HYIP / Autosurfer with the first 3 numbers listed.

...I won't even tell you... "I told You so..." - Anyone who uses this IP is clearly very clever - possible reported Virus infected website - Fake voting for status of paying - For having a direct link with - Dodgy Admin - (random payments) - New Exchanger with negative responses




http://www.Sebi.Biz - closed, never refunded as stated - Fake E-gold site stealing passwords - Account hacked?

http://www.EMONEYCLUB.NET - imitating the real GI website - Admin was genuinely hacked - recover process - stormpay fiasco again - refunding members??? - Lack of emails / payments and promises - Lasted over 1 year - Lasted over 1 year - Family Probs? - egold account number was 2504998 - imitating the GR website - For stealing my funds and suspending my account - egold account frozen - egold account frozen - egold 2599052


202 - fake voting pages
http://www.APTGOLD.COM - Long Term program but No Payments or emails - Lack of payments and admin support
A Hackers IP - Faking Peoples names / ID Theft - If you believe 700% is achievable in 1 day you are in the wrong profession! - Reported as a Bad admin - Fake paying status
http://KINGHOURLY.COM - taken offline following Stormpay fiasco - the greatest AS ever broken by stormpay?
** e-gold Account Verification Notice **
http://www.VB-INVEST.COM - A few bad reports about this Payment Processor - promotes SCAMS - This admin sends SPAM
*** Multiple Fraud IP in Malaysia ***

Yahoo Groups Scams:

The following are run by the SAME Scammer who does not pay out and just restarts another Yahoo Group when it gets shutdown:

Yahoo Group Scammer IPs:

The following Yahoo IDs, if spotted, post "Paid" messages but it is the admin bumping up false claims. So If you see these Yahoo IDs .... DO NOT SPEND:


Please be careful out there, use this list when you scan the IP numbers first!


Admin on 9:33 AM said...

There is an IP address listed on url as the IP address of . THIS IS FALSE!!! I am the Admin of this site and this is NOT my IP address! I'm not sure where this false information was conceived, but my program has been rated as "PAYING!" by for 1 month now! There has never been a missed payment and I ask the owner of this blog to correct this info and write a retraction of this statement as it is FALSE! I am tired of all of these wannabe rating sites getting their information wrong and posting it without any kind of verification first. If you want to find out my rating for , please go to or my site and review the current rating banners. We are actually signing with other rating sites to prove our outstanding rating. We have been PAYING for over 1 Month now!!!



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